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Aims and Objectives


ASCA is committed to upholding and honouring the safety standards and quality controls set by other societies around the world regarding Stage Combat and the safe practices of it, by strictly adhering to the following Aims and Objectives:


  • To create and develop Stage Combat curriculums within Australia for Combatants, Instructors and Fight Directors, with clear and attainable goals.


  • To continue to gather and share information for safe, practical procedures of theatrical violence and combat from sources both nationally and internationally.


  • To continue to educate the Australian Entertainment Industry (including performers, directors, producers and stage managers) in the necessity of safe techniques of Stage Combat and the use of individuals that are professionally trained and certified to teach and set these techniques in choreographic situations.


  • To act as official independent examiners to any group or body that uses the ASCA system to teach Stage Combat, so as to ensure consistent and unbiased results.


  • To provide the final stage of training and examination for Instructors and Fight Directors under the ASCA system.


  • To continue to integrate and expand the union of the fields of Historical Martial Combat and Modern Theatrical Performance Arts for use in Theatre, Film and Television.


  • To provide consultation and assistance to any group or body partaking in risky or dangerous theatrical situations for the stage and screen and endeavour to provide safer alternatives for everyone involved.


  • To uphold a high level of commitment to recognised social standards of political correctness and ensure that no member, client or persons of the general public is exposed to, or subjected to, any form of discrimination or harassment at any time.

ASCA acknowledges that it is not the only Stage Combat Society in the world, nor the first in this country. With respect to all the other organisations and individuals in this field, ASCA is committed to the continued assistance and growth of this art-form worldwide and in the development and teaching of safe, effective methods and practices of learning, instructing and performing Stage Combat.

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Stage Combat Class
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