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your right

to safety.”

As a registered Australian ‘not-for- profit’ association, ASCA is dedicated to

supporting your right to a safe workplace. As such, we offer free advice

regarding: Stage Combat training, contacting Certified Instructors and Fight

Directors and the use of Theatrical Weapons. ASCA can offer informed support to

arts professionals, and can assist with any issues of performance safety. ASCA

also has strong ties with the MEAA and are considered by Equity as the leading

professionals with regards to Stage Combat in Australia.

As a non-profit organization ASCA offers information and assistance to everyone performing on an Australian stage, be it in theatre, film or television productions. Whether you are a financial member of ASCA or not we will not discriminate and everyone will be treated fairly and equally.

ASCA prides itself on being an organisation dedicated to all performers, not just practitioners of Stage Combat, and to their right to work in a safe environment, but especially when it comes to theatrical violence, fight scenes and weaponry or any and all physically risky moments. Even if a situation does not apparently seem to be a dangerous situation at first, ASCA can provide a detailed insight into possible risks and ways to avoid them whilst maintaining the highest level of performance integrity.

Therefore, whether you are a supportive financial member of ASCA or not, we can assist you with advice on, training, suitable weaponry, choreography, or any manner of support required, to individuals, organisations (both amateur and professional) and the Australian Entertainment Industry (AEI) at large to ensure the safety of all.


ASCA has dedicated its existence to the improvement of safety standards on Australian stages and to this end has developed strong ties with the MEAA, and together we are working towards advancements in regulations concerning WHS issues, ensuring that any and all concerns a performer has regarding their safety will be addressed and enforced to the best of our abilities.


But ASCA can also assist productions with information that goes beyond actual fighting.


ASCA Certified Fight Directors go through years of intensive training in all manner of movement and physical story telling. This combined with a deep understanding of historical social etiquette, and law, gives us a unique insight into other areas of period productions. Even if a sword is not used to fight with in a production, but merely worn by an actor, there are certain aspects of understanding your obligations when armed with a weapon within the social context that can add the finishing touches to a scene and make it something really special. This understanding avoids an actor with a bit of steel strapped to their hip smacking it against every piece of furniture on the set. This knowledge can also fill the final gaps in a performer's understanding of their character and thereby deliver a deeper and more fulfilled performance.

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