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Behind the Scenes on Storm Pirates
Stage Combat Class

ASCA representatives work tirelessly to research, gather and develop the most relevant, up to date historically and theatrically correct information regarding Stage Combat techniques. Our goal is to provide all performers access to the safest practices for performing staged violence available in Australia.

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ASCA’s mission is to continue to educate our industry, including producers, directors, stage management and performers about the correct protocols and procedures for performing theatrical violence on the stage or screen, and an individual's right to a safe working environment.

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As ASCA is a governing body for Stage Combat in Australia, and not an instructional organization as such, its main focus is on the development and education of Stage Combat techniques and performance, it therefore sets standards and curriculum to be used for the accredited training and certification of Actor Combatants, Stage Combat Instructors and Fight Directors within Australia.

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If you feel you are being put in a dangerous situation within a production you do not have put up with it. If you feel unsafe contact ASCA and we will do all we can to support you, and ensure your health and safety are protected.

It’s your right. It’s the law.

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