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ASCA's members are the lifeblood of the association. ASCA was created by stage combatants for the betterment of the art form in Australia.

By becoming a member of ASCA you are helping to keep combatants nationwide safe. You help keep ASCA at the cutting edge of stage combat and teaching techniques. Your membership assures that stage combat continues to evolve to suit the needs of the Australian entertainment industry.


But it's not all what you do for ASCA. Being a member gets you:


  • Access to various closed ASCA documents of research and information regarding Stage Combat history and development.


  • Access to specialised support and training.


  • Grants you constant direct contact, communication and support of any ASCA Management Committee staff.


  • Entitles you to a vote on any and all topics and referendums pertaining to the ASCA Policies and Procedures Framework, including documents such as the association’s: Rules & Regulations, Code of Conduct, Business Procedures and Management Committee personnel changes throughout the year.


ASCA has several levels of membership, from those who've never picked up a sword, to those who wish to devote their life to the study of the art form.


Members CV/Bio Page


Members Only Page



Free Casual Class

The Action Acting Academy offers
‘One free Casual Class’
per yearly membership payment

Directory of Industry Contacts

Members have access to a list of ASCA approved Stunt Coordinators, Weapons and Armour suppliers, etc.

Fight Direction & Choreography Discounts

For any show that has an ASCA Member in the cast, and uses an ASCA Fight Director. 

  • 5% discount on choreography fees if there is an ASCA member anywhere in the cast.

  • 10% discount on choreography if an ASCA Member is a principal performer of Stage Combat within that show. 

  • Conditions apply: Only ‘one’ discount per show. Does not extend to weapons rental.

Discount on ASCA T-shirts

Pay for Three Year’s Membership, Get One Year Free

ASCA Membership is ‘Tax Deductible

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