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Mission Statement


The Australian Stage Combat Association Inc. (ASCA) aims to become the leading authority in the knowledge, education and support of Stage Combat within Australia and a driving force in the international Stage Combat arena. In order to manage this, ASCA will conduct extensive research and provide opportunities for dedicated study and practice for the continual growth and development of this art form worldwide. Like all art forms, Stage Combat is in a constant state of evolution and ASCA will be at the forefront of this change.


ASCA strives to raise national awareness of Stage Combat and all that it entails, as well as the necessity of professionally trained and certified individuals to manage and choreograph any moment requiring theatrical violence within the Australian Entertainment Industry (AEI).


ASCA strives to protect Australian performers from all unnecessary risks, including mental, physical and emotional, during staged violence, by providing the AEI access to highly skilled, motivated and dedicated professionals that are specifically trained to supply a high quality of believability in performance and uncompromising commitment to safety.


ASCA will work with the MEAA to establish universal Australian standards for Stage Combat moments in theatre, film and television, as well as the minimum requirements in training and certification for official Stage Combat Instructors and Fight Directors. Thereby protecting not only the AEI, but also the individuals who dedicate their lives to years of stringent training and examination to become a certified professional in this art form.


ASCA will make Stage Combat more accessible and desirable to members of the general public and grant them an understanding that Stage Combat is not just an essential skill for performers but also a great past-time full of fun, fitness and confidence building activities that can help them succeed in their personal lives.


“Protecting Australian stages through the pursuit of truth and excellence in performance and safety.”

Rapier Fighting for Film, Stange Combat
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