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ASCA’s dedication to the performance of Stage Combat includes offering advice on low, to no, budget productions regarding what is, and what is not safe, or whether or not you even need a Stage Combat Professional on your production. If you are not sure whether or not you need someone to oversee the violence in your production then it is a good chance you do.


Be it training actors, choreography, weapons rental or historic, or martial, consultation we can help.


As a non-profit organization, ASCA cannot get directly involved with productions but we can offer free advice on how and where to contact the appropriate professional for your production needs.


But something to keep in mind, professionals are just that, and they rarely work for free, so be sure to identify your Stage Combat/theatrical violence needs early in pre-production so that you can afford what you need. A Stage Combat Professional can not only increase the safety level of any production, but also get you a better result in a shorter time, and in film making ‘time is money’.


And always remember this, “Action costs money! How much Bang do you want for your buck!”


For more advice contact ASCA.

3 Musketeers Stage Combat
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